Paolo Bellinati

(about A Furiosa) “It sounds like it was writen for trio. Excelent.”

Isabel Siewers

“The guitarists Ruth Jana Braunsteffer, Paul Becker and Carlos Peralta are three exceptional musicians who are united in their Tres Cordas Ensemble to offer us full interpretations of lyricism, passion and humor, based on a deep stylistic understanding and a brilliant technique with a renewed and creative focus.”

Dieter Kreidler

“all made very fresch with the courage to take dynamic risks. The recording just puts you in good mood.”

Augustin Wiedemann

The Trio Tres Cordas (…) thrilled the Concert audience at the Final Concert of the 2nd International Guitar Festival Deggendorf with a very varied and entertaining program from Antoine de l’Hoyer to Roland Dyens and Paolo Bellinati.
The play of the Young Trio convinces by the seriousness of his appearance, which is paired with playfulness and also allows space for spontaneous music making. (…) I wish the three young musicians much success and can warmly recommend them to any organizer of guitar or chamber music series.

Ivan Petricevic

Fresh and exciting Energy with a mature musical conviction make the Trio Tres Cordas one of the most interesting trios at the Top of today’s guitar scene.